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Open Gear Lubricants

Open gears are critical in keeping the grinding mills, kilns, shovels, draglines, and much more moving in many heavy industries. It is one of the most demanding applications requiring special lubrication properties unlike others. Chevron has a range of Talcor branded specialty lubricants that have been tested and trusted by such customers in Asia Pacific.

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Talcor OGP-4

Talcor™ OGP-4 is an advanced open gear lubricant consisting of a solvent free blend of synthetic base fluids and hydro-treated mineral oils complexed with new micro ground lubricating solids and plastic-coupling chemical agents that form a thixotropic matrix. 

Talcor OGP-4 Artic

TALCOR OGP-4 Artic is a solvent free blend of synthetic polyglycols and mineral oils complexed with micro ground lubricating solids and synthetic chemical agents that form a thixotropic matrix.

Talcor OGP-5

TALCOR OGP-5 is an advanced lubricating compound blended with highly refined mineral and synthetic oils plus laminar micro solids and chemical additives. 

Talcor All Purpose Compound

Talcor™ APC is a solvent free blend of proprietary synthetic polyols and modified hydro-carbon fluid bases, complexed with stabilized lubricating solids and flocculated soft resins that form a highly stable thixotropic matrix. 

Talcor® OGP-6

TALCOR OGP-6 is an adhesive, Open Gear Lubricant free of bitumen, graphite, molybdenum disulphide and other heavy metals. Highly refined base oils and stable synthetic thickeners compounded together with high performance enhancing additives, provides a transparent lubricant film on the gear flanks.

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