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Pall Ultipleat Diesel Plus

Increasing operating costs, high fuel usage costs, equipment downtime, and strict environmental legislation regarding GHG emissions are just a few of the difficult challenges the mining industry faces today. Running fleets of large diesel powered engines requires optimum engine performance and reliability. Particulate and water contamination in diesel fuel must be controlled to acceptable limits.


Ultipleat Diesel Plus filters provide advanced particulate and water removal from diesel fuel within a single filter element

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Three types of engine fuel injection system failures can be attributed to the presence of hard, particulate contamination. Mechanical failures occur due to component wear and blocking component movement. Electrical failures, typically injector solenoid burnout, happen from silting around the poppet valve stem, restricting movement. Performance failures occur as a result of blocking of injector nozzles and altering injector spray patterns.


Despite these failures, standard on-board fuel filters are not designed to handle high levels of contamination. To prevent premature plugging and frequent change-outs of on-board filters, fuel cleanliness should be controlled throughout the entire fuel supply chain. Diesel fuel cleanliness control must be a site-wide investment – managed with advanced particulate and water filtration technologies from the point of delivery, through storage, to the dispensing nozzle.


Our superior diesel cleaning filters offer engines injecting fuels at pressures in excess of 25,000 psi recourse from contaminants that reduce efficiency and cause breakdown. We offers several solutions to meet these challenges.

Modern heavy duty diesel engines are highly susceptible to damage from particulate contamination in diesel fuel while water contamination can reduce efficiency and accelerate wear. The result, if left unchecked, is reduced reliability of critical equipment, unscheduled downtime and an increase in maintenance and repair costs.

Ultipleat Diesel Plus filters provide advanced particulate and water removal from diesel fuel within a single filter element.

  • Extend time between scheduled maintenance periods

  • Keep equipment in service longer

  • Increase reliability of equipment and mean time between failures (MTBF)

  • Single filter solution to remove dirt and water

  • Simple to install and service

The Ultipleat Diesel Plus Fuel filter housing and filter element range features:

  • Filter element with integral high performance coalescer to rapidly remove free water

  • Single-pass particulate contamination removal down to ISO 4406 code 13/12/11

  • Low differential pressure drop throughout the full service life of the filter element

  • Stress resistant filter media design

  • Stainless steel filter housing construction

  • Simple element change out procedure


Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Contaminated fuel has the potential to impact several key performance indicators which affect Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

  • Equipment breakdowns caused by fuel injectors fouling or increased fuel pump wear

  • Shortened or inconsistent service intervals increasing maintenance costs

  • Reduced equipment performance, resulting in extended process time and greater fuel consumption

Several of the largest mining companies closely monitor OEE as a gauge of the profitability of a mine. If measures are taken to improve the OEE, such as efforts to reduce contaminants in fuel, it can have a serious impact on the economic success of a mining company.

In comparative tests, the number of Ultipleat Diesel Plus filters elements required was significantly less compared to existing Pall or alternative solutions, resulting in an overall reduction in operating costs.

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