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Meropa XL

Meropa® XL gear oils are high performance extreme pressure gear oils formulated from premium base oils with excellent load carrying capacity, micropitting wear protection, water demulsibility, oxidation stability, and corrosion protection. 


  • Premium performance
    Advanced micropitting resistant formulation provides excellent wear protection, rust and corrosion protection, demulsibility, and foam inhibition. Leading to optimum lubricant performance and equipment protection; maintaining designed equipment productivity. 

  • Excellent thermal stability
    Premium base oils engineered with advanced additive technologies help maintain clean gear and bearing surfaces, minimizing deposits which interfere with effective lubrication and reduce gear set efficiencies. High oxidation stability limits in-service viscosity increases, which can lead to energy losses. 

  • Expanded operating temperature
    High viscosity index provides optimal viscosity over a wider operating temperature range offering enhanced protection under variable conditions and low temperature fluidity for low temperature operations.  


  • Meropa® XL gear oils are designed for many types of industrial and marine geared and non-geared lubrication services where extreme loads and shock loadings are high. 


  • Industrial enclosed gearing where an AGMA EP lubricant is specified 

  • Industrial enclosed gearing where DIN 51517 (CLP) lubricant is specified 

  • Bath, splash, circulating, or spray mist lubrication as applicable to the proper viscosity grade 

  • Marine gearboxes and non geared systems requiring an extreme pressure lubricant

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